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Decrease stress and pain while increasing the joy and pleasure of living in your body...

Life can take you on a rollercoaster ride and can make you feel so many emotions. Those emotions have an impact on your body and all your body processes. When you ignore those emotions, or don’t give them an outlet, you can get sick, stressed, put on weight, feel down and stop sleeping through the night. And sometimes yoga just isn’t enough...

My favorite way of expressing these emotions is to let the wisdom of my body breathe and dance it out and allow music to move me. . . Sometimes I don’t need to express them with words, my body will do it for me.

Khagaya Yoga® Dance addresses the needs of your body, mind, emotions and spirit, using movement and music in a way that allows you to follow your body’s way, your body’s pace and intensity level. This creates the harmony of music, movement and a lightness of being.

Khagaya Yoga® Dance increases your health and vitality, deeply reduces stress, helps alleviate and dissolve emotions, strengthens muscles and increases endurance, enhances your breathing, improves circulation and body posture and increases the pleasure of living in your body. It brings clarity of mind and a sense of coming home inside yourself.

Join me for Khagaya Yoga® Dance Class and let it work its magic by bringing your body, heart, mind and spirit in a state of harmony and balance through Yoga, Dance and Music. I invite you to join a practice that vitalizes the body, calms the mind and deepens self-awareness which will help you love your body and love your life on a deeper level.

Let’s go Dancing through Life:)

This class is only once a month and takes place at Yuwa, Kortestede 2-c 2543 VK Den Haag.
Please remember that all Khagaya Yoga® Group Class credits
are non-transferable to Khagaya Yoga® Dance Class.
So sorry for any inconvenience.
Join for only €19.50 per class.
Limited to 20 people per class.


The Khagaya Yoga® Dance Class is a huge gift for your body and mind! Although a bit unusual in the beginning, very soon I started to feel how good it feels to dance "yoga-style". It is not about the choreography or the steps. It’s all about being moved by the music, physically and emotionally. I can highly recommend it to everyone, it is a really great class!