The Healing Power of Khagaya Yoga®



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Khagaya Yoga® is a unique method that allows participants to move into Presence, experience a deep connection with their body and their Divine Essence, which is Love and welcome life energy to flow into every fiber of their being, gently releasing emotional, mental, and physical stress.

Yoga in its more modernized form is often structured to take participants through a sequence of poses and conforming their body to different shapes that may feel unnatural. In Khagaya Yoga® participants are lead to move into Presence, turn their attention inward and connect with their body, heart, mind, and spirit. When you are connected to Presence, the Divine Essence of You, your body will naturally relax into poses with ease and harmony.

Your body will become more relaxed, energized and at ease. You will release the tension and stress that your cells have been holding onto. You will also release emotional and mental stress which will create a feeling of freedom and lightness, spaciousness, openness, ease, and peace throughout your body and your being.

The Experience

I am known for my in-depth teaching style filled with joy, compassion and the ability to inspire people on their Life journey, building trust, confidence, pleasure and ease regardless of one’s age or yoga experience.

I have a keen eye for precise alignment and provide gentle, hands-on customized adjustments that are beneficial to each individual. Knowing when to go deeper building strength and stamina (yang) and when to go deeper releasing, softening and letting go (yin) is a skill I have gained through years of experience.

I am highly experienced in dealing with pain, injuries, and healing from any kind of dis-ease, whether physical, emotional and/or mental. I offer innovative ways to move into Presence, connect with and stimulate your inner wisdom and self-healing capacity, while creating a safe, secure, healing, growing and learning environment to transform your body and life through Presence, through the connection with Love that Khagaya Yoga® provides.

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