Khagaya Yoga® Class Rules



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Khagaya Yoga® Subscription Terms & Class Rules:

  • You are more than welcome to have one trial class before you decide to join the classes on a regular basis. A trial class is €19.50
  • After the trial class, you will have a one-time opportunity to purchase a yoga class card that allows you to take 10 classes within 12 weeks so that you will have a strong start and in-depth experience of the benefits of Khagaya Yoga® and how it can transform your life.
  • After that, yoga classes are provided on a subscription basis only. You subscribe to an automatic payment of €78 (4 x €19.50) per month. This allows you to take 1 yoga class per week on a day and time of your choosing from the schedule, which you reserve in advance and is subject to availability.
  • The automatic payment will be withdrawn from your account around the 14th day of the month for the next month, for 12 consecutive months. This amounts to a total of 48 weeks of yoga classes, the other 4 weeks include 2 weeks of summer holiday and 2 weeks of vacation throughout the year when there will be no classes.
  • If you cancel on time, at least 24 hours in advance, you will be allowed to make up for your missed class at any time during the year, subject to availability and class credit validity. If you have not canceled on time, the class will be forfeit and cannot be made up.
  • Any ongoing Khagaya Yoga® monthly subscription is not transferable and is continuous until a written notice of cancellation.
  • To end any ongoing monthly Khagaya Yoga® subscription, you must give 1 full calendar months’ notice in writing. A de-registration is valid only when all payments have been met.
  • Once the subscription has ended, all rights to any remaining class credit will have expired.
  • Participation in all Khagaya Yoga® classes provided by Khagaya Yoga & Coaching is at your own risk and responsibility and only possible after signing a disclaimer by reading and agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  • In case of pregnancy, the 10-lesson card system will be used in place of an ongoing subscription and the rest of the rules remain the same.
  • If you would like to take multiple yoga classes a week, you may subscribe to the monthly automatic payment system in combination with a Khagaya Yoga class card or book single classes for the extra lessons.

I look forward to sharing Khagaya Yoga®  with you.