Khagaya Yoga ® Class Outside



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Once a week either on Saturday or Sunday I will be providing a 2-hour Khagaya Yoga Session outside in Oosterbeek from 3.30 pm till 5.30 pm, provided it's dry outside.

You can find the location on the map in the attachments. It is a beautiful, quiet and sheltered place. The ground is fairly flat grass, looking out over a pond nicely in the sun. You can park in the side street of the Benoordenhoutseweg, on the Oosterbeek road next to the Animal Ambulance. You can see the location on the pictures and the map below.

You can find the dates in the Khagaya Yoga® Calendar. To register, sign up in the usual way in the Khagaya Yoga® Calendar using your class credit.

When you choose to join in, please bring the following for your convenience:

  • Yoga mat
  • 1 or 2 Yoga blocks
  • 2 large plastic garbage bags taped together for underneath your yoga mat, to keep your yoga mat clean and dry
  • 2 pillows for underneath and in between your knees, and for under the knees during the lying relaxation position
  • A blanket
  • Various layers of clothing, so that you are comfortable at all times in terms of temperature.
Will you join us? Then sign up now.

I look forward to seeing you there and sharing Khagaya Yoga® with you.