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Khagaya Yoga®

I started practicing yoga 20 years ago, but when I met Kristel I had stopped for 3 years and couldn’t muster the courage to start again. From the first session, it became clear to me that she was a special teacher. Her eye for details, her encouragement while remaining firm and demanding, her energy and lightness of being made a great impression on me but also on my body which was given the chance to relieve years of tension and unwelcome stress. There is so much more than yoga in her sessions... it is connecting to Life in a physical, emotional and spiritual way. It was a very easy decision to continue the sessions with Kristel and every week my body is thanking me for it.
Jean Christophe

One of the better decisions I made in recent years
With Kristel it was different from day one. Rather demanding yoga, a very sharp eye to prevent you from making mistakes, permanent awareness and advice, always carefully adapted to your personal possibilities and limitations. I don’t know how she does it, but even with eight or ten people it often feels like a private lesson. Add to this her special way of encouraging people and transmitting her joy and energy.

Kristel is a warm, caring, dedicated and devoted yoga teacher who customizes her unique approach based on the level and needs of the individual. Her classes are very accessible to both novice and experienced yoga practitioners. A major plus for international or expat yoga students is that she easily switches between Dutch and fluent English when necessary. When you leave a yoga class with Kristel, you feel as though you’ve been immersed in a total mind-body experience.

After thinking about whether or not to start a yoga class for years I finally started Kristel's beginners' course. In a small group Kristel explains and teaches you the basics of yoga in a very professional, sympathetic and inspirational way. She focuses on the group and on the individual, always with a smile and a kind word. It doesn't matter if you're fit or not or if you suffer from physical ailments. Yoga is for everyone and Kristel will make sure that you feel safe and leave her classes wanting more.

Khagaya Coaching

Last year I felt stuck in my personal and professional growth, was low in energy and lacked direction. Kristel’s coaching sessions came at the perfect time. What struck me from the start was Kristel’s professional approach. Filling in a form before starting the coaching sessions clarified my situation and objectives. I appreciated Kristel’s crystal-clear, no-nonsense yet loving way of communicating. She sees right through any excuses, fears or facades but is able to point them out in a supportive manner. This way she was a mirror to many of my blind spots, which was not always fun, but very helpful. I also liked her combination of spirituality and practical advice.
The sessions have helped me trust myself and my own inner wisdom more. They also provided more clarity on my professional path and concrete action steps and motivation to walk towards my newly defined objectives.
If you lack direction or clarity as I did, or are looking to deepen the connection with yourself in any way, I can definitely recommend Kristel as a coach!
N.K. Netherlands

I have been in coaching with Kristel for approximately four months, and it has been one of the most beneficial experiences in my life so far. I honestly must say that I feel the benefits of coaching with Kristel in just a few months have been far greater than many of the benefits I’ve received from years of psychotherapy. I feel that in the past few months, from working with Kristel each week, attending her yoga classes and using the guided visualization CDs, I’ve been able to experience improved self-esteem and a significant decrease in my lifelong negative thinking patterns. I feel calmer, more relaxed, able to relate better to others and more able to go with the “flow” of life since I started coaching with Kristel. I would highly recommend coaching with Kristel to anyone who’s struggling with similar issues, such as finding your life purpose, overcoming emotional blockages and dealing with spiritual “crises”—I’m sure coaching with Kristel would also benefit anyone who’s tried the more “traditional” forms of help, such as psychotherapy, and haven’t been able to find the solutions they’ve sought.
Stacy, USA

Anyone who is looking for wholeness, lasting self-acceptance, and deep inner peace would be wise to turn to Kristel. Never have I met a coach with such intuitive insight into her clients’ well-being! I turned to her during one of the most crucial challenges of my life and in working with her I found wisdom, stillness, and a close-knit connection with God. How blessed I am to have worked with such a vibrant, enlightened coach
Kenna T. USA

Kristel’s Coaching has been Life Changing! When I started Kristel’s coaching sessions I was stuck. Stuck in the past, stuck in myself and stuck with others. All this was based on a lack of faith and self-acceptance. To cut things short, I was looking at the world through dirty glasses without even realizing it! Kristel helped me to step by step clean these glasses and learn to see the world as it really is; full of love and light. She did this by helping me to get back to my core in the most loving and accepting way. Showing me there is nothing to be afraid of, that everything is perfect exactly the way it is. She taught me to listen to my own inner wisdom and later on even to have the courage to act on it. Now, half a year later I have come to realize that her coaching and our experiences together have been life changing. Finally I start to experience a true sense of self worth and autonomy. The need to please and prove keeps diminishing. The compassion for others is growing. Hand in hand with my love that is growing for me. I’m not stuck anymore. I am on path of discovery. Fear made place for faith and wonder and I am so grateful for that.

Khagaya Yoga® Dance

The Khagaya Yoga Dance Class is a huge gift for your body and mind! Although a bit unusual in the beginning, very soon I started to feel how good it feels to dance "yoga-style". It is not about the choreography or the steps. It’s all about being moved by the music, physically and emotionally. I can highly recommend it to everyone, it is a really great class!