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What if I told you that you are a Divine Being?

You may not feel like one, but I promise you are.

While you might be feeling broken, hurt, and lost, you could be feeling whole, perfect and complete.

While you might be feeling scared, unsafe, alone and unloved, you could be feeling safe, loved and connected in oneness.

While you might be feeling discomfort, heaviness, and pain, you could be feeling lightness, pleasure, and ease in your body,

when you move into Presence and reconnect with your Divine Essence, which is Love.

It hurts my heart that people live in fear, in pain, in despair… Feeling lost, alone and devastated, disconnected from Presence, their Divine Essence, the Love, the Light that they are.

This means so much to me because I deeply understand what it means to live this way. I have been through the deepest darkness you can imagine. I was abused as a small child and repeated the same patterns in my marriage. I watched my light fade … my heart, my eyes, my life… it all became very dark. I lived in so much fear and uncertainty. I did not even feel safe enough to live in a body and so I wanted to end my life many times… until I discovered my way out, moved into Presence and reconnected with my Divine Essence, which is Love.

I truly believe that I chose to be on this planet to help others find their way to Khagaya; that I struggled the way I have to find a way out of darkness, pain, and the illusion of separation back into Presence, into Love, Light and Oneness for all of us.

I can help you feel alive again; I can help you feel love again. Not only is there hope, not only is all of this possible, it will happen!

You can release yourself from all of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues that are keeping you from feeling free and alive. You are limitless and your possibilities are endless!

And don't think that if you haven’t suffered the deep trauma that I am sharing with you here, that this isn't for you. I only share my story so that you can see how deep this work can go. Every person that I have ever met is carrying hurt on some level, and if you are feeling emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual pain or just want to know what more there is to life, then this work is for you.

It all comes down to moving into Presence and reconnecting with your Divine Essence, which is Love.

Let me explain this. Before we are born, we are innately connected to Presence, to Love on all levels. We are pure and innocent with all of the possibilities before us. Inevitably, at some point, thoughts and beliefs are embedded in our psyche that make us forget the truth of our Being.

We experience hurt that moves us out of Presence. These events could be as traumatic as experiencing emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, or something as seemingly insignificant as Susie telling you that you can’t sit on the bus with her, and everything in between. Our heart becomes scarred and out of fear we build up protective mechanisms designed to keep us safe, but they also limit us from reaching our potential.

The experiences in our life begin to shape the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

These events trigger thoughts and feelings that come from fear, not love. These thoughts and feelings become deeply embedded and are at the root of why we feel and act the way we do on a day-to-day basis.

The good news is you can move into Presence, reconnect with your Divine Essence, which is Love and welcome back the Divine Being that is You.

When you do so, the world opens up and once again all of the possibilities are before you. You feel free, light, and energized. You can achieve anything you want, feel happiness all the way down to your toes, and transform your current circumstances into everything you desire.

Khagaya Transformational Coaching will help you achieve all of this and more. It is your choice how deep you want to go and I will help you move into Presence, create long-lasting change and open up a world of possibilities while releasing the mental and emotional baggage from your past.

Introducing The Khagaya Method: Awaken Into Love Year Long Mentorship

At the root of all fear, pain, worry, or stress in your life there are one of five universal false beliefs. This may sound oversimplified, but every client I have worked with is experiencing one of these limiting beliefs and deeply ingrained programming, and it affects how they feel and how they show up in the world.

In this package, I combine traditional life-coaching tools as well as metaphysical processes to uncover the root cause of your trouble and personally walk you through the method for releasing and transforming it. This will enable you to experience long-lasting change and empower you to step out of the limited person you have known yourself to be and embrace and step into the unlimited Divine Being you truly are.

This is a great package to experience the Khagaya Method and the possibilities that this work can open up for you. This will have a huge impact on how you live your life and bring you a feeling of freedom and lightness as you feel inspired to follow your inner guidance.

Over the course of 12 months, we meet regularly and apply the Khagaya Method to allow your transformation in all areas of your life. We will dive deep and I will assist you in getting crystal clear on all of your limiting beliefs and the patterns that are governing your life. I will help you move into Presence, reconnect with your Divine Essence, which is Love and welcome back the Divine Being that is You.

We can tailor your program to suit your specific needs, whether you are dealing with trauma, trying to sort out emotional baggage, struggling with loss, searching for a new path, or just trying to figure out how to get more joy from life - this program will help you release and transform all issues and open up the world of Presence and infinite possibilities.

As a bonus with this package, you will also receive 8 mp3’s with guided meditations and visualizations that will support your transformation on a subliminal level. This helps facilitate our work and allows us to go much deeper in a shorter amount of time. When you reprogram the subconscious, transforming your conscious world becomes much easier.

Let me ask you this: Do you feel a yearning in your heart? That gut feeling that this is exactly what you need to transform your current circumstances into a life you love? If so, contact me for a free consultation. I would love to answer any questions that you might have, and together we can explore if Khagaya Coaching is a good fit for you.

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