Khagaya Yoga@Work Corporate Wellness Program



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Increase the productivity and reduce sick leave and employee turnover by bringing Khagaya Yoga@Work to your company.

Employers today recognize that a healthy, emotionally balanced and mentally clear employee is more productive, more creative, and more satisfied in their career.

Unfortunately, most corporate exercises programs don’t live up to the all-around benefits that are expected. Khagaya Yoga@Work is different because it focuses on your employees as a whole and helps them heal and release both physical, emotional, and mental stress that could be affecting their capacity to work.

Khagaya Yoga@Work improves employee morale, enhances the work environment, reduces sick leave, and employee turnover. This method of Yoga is so impactful on employees and enhances your work environment so much that you may even attract more of the type of workers and managers that you want as part of your team.

Contact me today to bring Khagaya Yoga@Work to your company.

How It Works

Initially it is recommended that companies commit to a three-month program of yoga classes once or twice a week. Instruction will include introduction to the fundamentals of yoga, proper breathing techniques and yoga postures for ALL body types and fitness levels, plus stress release and guided relaxation exercises.

Khagaya Yoga@Work is a well-balanced program and consists of both dynamic yoga practice to energize the body, creating and improving strength, flexibility, mobility, circulation, body ease and stamina, combined with restorative yoga which is deeply relaxing and nourishing to the body, calming down the nervous system, balancing out blood pressure, releasing tension and stress, and alleviating fatigue.

Yoga classes can be done on site. I also offer the option to hold annual or periodic retreats, conferences or other training at various locations. Khagaya Yoga@Work is an excellent and uniquely holistic complement to your employee benefits.

Please contact me to discuss your company’s needs and I will create the optimum Khagaya Yoga@Work program for your business.

Benefits of The Khagaya Yoga® Method

  • Heals and prevents repetitive strain injuries sustained by performing job functions
  • Lowers blood pressure caused by stress
  • Releases or reduces neck and back pain
  • Stronger immune system and improved circulation
  • Increases strength, flexibility, mobility, balance and stamina
  • Stimulates vitality and increases energy levels
  • Healthier breathing
  • Improved body posture
  • Greater body awareness


  • Capacity to thrive even during stress or under deadlines
  • Enhanced inner peace and balance
  • Emotional strength and resiliency


  • Improved concentration and focus even under pressure and stress
  • Enhances creative thinking and inspiration for new ideas and solutions
  • More clarity of mind


Thanks again for a wonderful class.
I wanted to put some thoughts in writing about how much I enjoy, and benefit from, your classes.
I find it really amazing how much softer and more at ease my body feels, particularly my lower back, legs and neck. These are all of the areas that I have been struggling with (perhaps against) for the longest time! This has been greatly facilitated by your calm and relaxed attitude and the judgement free environment in which we practice. Now I am learning to work with these areas and help my body to be more relaxed and at ease.
The adjustments that you do are really fantastic and make a huge difference. Overall, I can say that I have never felt so much like doing yoga. Some days I even feel like getting into a downward dog. This position was for the longest time my least favorite and I would be desperate to finish my rounds of sun salutations to avoid it. Now I finally enjoy being there and I can't believe it! There is no higher praise :)

As I am a yoga instructor myself, I see much more into The Khagaya Method and how good it is for my body. You get what you ask for at the end of each session. I love the feeling of being spacious and cleaned after each yoga session I have with Kristel. I feel so blessed to know this lady and have her in my life.

I've been doing yoga with Kristel at work and I must confess it's been an amazing journey for me and my soul, my body and my mind. It all started with being curios and eager to diversify my choice of workouts, but slowly it became so much more than that. I soon started feeling the benefits of having this time, to myself and my body, how it cleared my mind and helped me with various tasks at work. It very soon became something for my soul, as with all the things that I do, they touch it in various ways.
As sessions came by, and years went on, the yoga sessions shifted my approach to work deadlines, collaboration with colleagues in my organization, and overall care for myself, from being tight, limited and constrained, to now flowing in a gentle, caring, natural way.
Recently, when I'm on the yoga mat during the class, and I see how my body has become so much more flexible and lighter, and how my mind now gently approaches each yoga pose, my soul is so very happy and grateful that I chose to dedicate this time to the yoga class with Kristel. Thank you Kristel, for playing this beautiful part in my life.