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Khagaya: The all-pervading Light that allows you to experience what true freedom really is.

Have you ever experienced what true freedom really feels like? It’s a feeling of love, lightness, and support. It’s a feeling of ease and spaciousness, and relief from fear, worry and stress. It is a beautiful feeling of Presence and connection with yourself and everything around you, and an openness to possibilities.

Even as a young child I always knew this was possible

Hi, my name is Kristel Khagaya and like many of my clients I have struggled for much of my life with illness, fear, self-doubt, anxiety and depression, feeling devastated, lost and alone.

At a young age, I was abused and I grew up in a broken home. This lead to me repeating the patterns of my childhood in my marriage. And the really sad part? Deep down, I believed that this was the life I deserved. I believed nothing I did was ever good enough. I believed I was unworthy and unlovable… Until one day, when I hit rock bottom. Enough! Enough already! I filed for divorce and chose to change my life completely.

You may be surprised to learn that I am grateful for all of my life experiences, because in the deepest darkness I found light.

I discovered that how I was living my life, and all of the hurt, fear, and sadness I was experiencing could be transformed completely by uncovering the hidden patterns and limiting beliefs that had been plaguing me. These patterns and beliefs were sabotaging my health, wealth, happiness and success and once I transformed who I was on the inside my outside world shifted accordingly.

By letting go of everything I am not, moving into Presence and reconnecting with my Divine Essence, which is Love, I have completely transformed my life.

I feel freer, happier and healthier, more in love with myself and with Life than ever before. I have two amazing children, teenagers, who came along on this transformational journey with me. They have transformed their own set of limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns and they feel free to be themselves, free to follow their heart and they have learned to make the best of every moment of life, no matter what Life brings them. The love we share, the life we live, the relationship we have together is one most people only dream of.

I truly believe that I am here to bring Khagaya. I am here to bring light into all the dark places, reminding everyone of the Light and Love they are; bringing light back into all hearts, all eyes, and all bodies, so that eyes light up, hearts light up and bodies light up as they remember the Love Presence they are.

I am here to help others set themselves free of their limiting beliefs and emotional baggage from the past, uncover the truth of their Being and experience Khagaya within themselves.

When I came to this realization I devoted myself to learning how to deliver my message and help my clients Transform Through Love. I was personally trained by Sandy Forster the creator of the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy and hold certifications as an internationally accredited Inspired Spirit Coach, a Law of Attraction and Transformational Life Coach. I have also been personally trained by Rikka Zimmerman, a global Leader in consciousness and the creator of the Life Transformed™ Program. I am a certified Life Transformed™ Coach, a Transformational Leader in Consciousness. I am a Sedona Method Facilitator providing a profound releasing technique and I have developed my unique Khagaya Yoga® Method which combines my years as a yoga teacher with powerful, transformational tools.

My training does not only use transformational tools on an emotional or mental level, I combine these tools with various styles of yoga to create change holistically.

I am professionally trained in Hatha Yoga and received my license to teach in 2000. Since then I have been teaching several groups at various locations. Overtime I attended many different yoga-teacher training courses and Master Classes in different styles of yoga, including Iyengar Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Dynamic Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa and Power Yoga and have incorporated them in both my yoga practice and teachings.

I am a licensed breathing therapist, trained in breathing therapy and the basics of Ayurveda combined with massages. Additionally, I have been trained to work with women in pre-and post-natal yoga and I have practiced this for many years providing in-depth birth preparation courses.

You may wonder why I have taken so many trainings and certifications, and the answer is that while each of them are wonderful on their own, none of them felt complete to me.

I created Khagaya Yoga® which is to me the most healing, strengthening, balancing, opening, grounding combination of yoga movements that allow you to create transformation on all levels. My greatest joy comes from sharing my gifts and talents with whoever crosses my path. I love inspiring people to move into Presence and feel, so they can heal themselves, reminding them of what they really are, guiding them to move into Presence, reconnecting with their Divine Essence, which is Love. Reconnecting with that part of themselves that is whole, perfect and complete, no matter what is going on in their lives and in their bodies, and allowing them to unlock all of the infinite possibilities that are laying before them.

If you would like to learn more, you can visit my Khagaya Coaching and Khagaya Yoga® pages, or attend my next Transformation Through Love event.