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I have dedicated my life to study and master the art, science, and principles of consciousness and transformation through Yoga, Transformational Life Coaching and several Healing Arts, and have been teaching them for over 21 years.

I am an internationally accredited Transformational Leader in Consciousness, a Life Mastery Consultant,
Transformational Life Coach and Yoga Teacher.

From the depths of pain and despair, coming from early childhood abuse, I began searching for a way to heal myself on all levels, body, mind, heart and spirit, and I have completely transformed my life.

The discovery that peace, happiness, and love are ever-present within our own Being
and completely available at every moment of our experience and under all conditions,
is the most important discovery anyone can make.

With powerful intuition and deep inner wisdom, I lovingly guide my clients through my in-depth, transformational coaching programs, while ensuring they feel safe, loved and supported. As a result, they feel whole and complete again, more in love with themselves and Life than ever before.

They achieve new heights of success, meaning and spiritual aliveness.
The voice of the Power within you is as loud as your willingness to listen.
I am known for my in-depth teaching style filled with love, joy, compassion and the ability to inspire people on their Life journey. I offer a whole range of new possibilities, building trust, confidence, pleasure and ease in life, regardless of one’s age, circumstances, or experience.

I am highly experienced in dealing with any kind of trauma, pain, injuries and healing from any kind of dis-ease, whether physical, emotional and/or mental.

I offer innovative ways to get in touch with your own inner wisdom and activate your self-healing capacity.

If you are ready to start your transformational journey and fully live from the Power within you, sign up for a complementary, personal Strategy Session.