Private Khagaya Yoga® Sessions



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If you don’t feel ready for a group class yet, have special needs, or if you want support in specific areas, private Khagaya Yoga® sessions might be perfect for you!

Private sessions are for all levels of students from complete beginners to advanced students. With an individually tailored program, clients progress continually and gain all the benefits of yoga on an even deeper level – moving into Presence, creating vibrant health, emotional balance, clarity of mind and a vibrant sense of connection and feeling alive.

I am known for my in-depth teaching style filled with joy, compassion and the ability to inspire people on their Life journey, building trust, confidence, pleasure and ease regardless of one’s age or yoga experience.

The Experience

I have a keen eye for precise alignment and provide gentle, hands-on customized adjustments that are beneficial to each individual. Knowing when to go deeper building strength and stamina (yang) and when to go deeper releasing, softening and letting go (yin) is a skill I have gained through years of experience.

I am highly experienced in dealing with pain, injuries, and healing from any kind of dis-ease, whether physical, emotional and/or mental. I offer innovative ways to move into Presence, connect with and stimulate your inner wisdom and self-healing capacity, while creating a safe, secure, healing, growing and learning environment to transform your body and life through Presence, through the connection with Love that Khagaya Yoga® provides.

How It Works

Ongoing private sessions are designed to suit individual needs and then refined further as the sessions progress. Each private lesson is 90 minutes or 2 hours upon request.


  • The cost per session for 1 person is €150,- for 1.5 hours.
  • Or a private session for 2 people together is only €85,- per person.
  • Small group sessions or yoga parties can also be arranged upon request.

Payment in cash or by bank transfer to the following account:
SNS bank t.n.v. Khagaya Yoga, NL70 SNSB 0913 1079 13

Please contact me on to ask questions, or schedule your private yoga session.


Nothing short of miraculous.
I was recently in The Hague recovering from illness and had the great pleasure of meeting and working one-on-one with Kristel. Sometimes you just know when you’ve found something truly life changing and my experience with Kristel was nothing short of miraculous. Within just a session the anxiety and stress that had been plaguing my body were gently lifted. Muscles, tight and restricted from lack of use and chronic stress, softened. Joy slowly returned into my body.

Kristel is a gifted healer who happens to also teach a particularly joyous style of yoga. If you, like me, are physically out of shape, inflexible or stiff, or have other physical or mental mind challenges like stress or anxiety, there is simply no better place to go than her sanctuary of love. Give yourself the gift of Kristel’s training to guide you back, lovingly, to what is your true self.
A. Davison

You made me a much happier person!
Our session last week was different from the one a week before. I enjoyed it altogether a lot and also felt immediately lighter and in a good mood. I felt very tired though, and that makes sense, it is real work to go through all your emotions. So, I rested a bit that day and in the afternoon, I went to pick up my kids. The weather was nice, sunny, some light wind, just fine. And then, suddenly on the bike, I felt so, so happy, so intensely, I had tears in my eyes. It must be a long time ago that I felt so light and – just happy. It is such a bright feeling, my body seems to feel happy, really. Whenever now I go back into my body, I immediately start to smile. And then in my thoughts I often recite your magical words: my body is love, my body is light, my body is infinite… it was something like this. And it is so funny, because it apparently sounds like some positive brain washing – but it works!! Summing up – I had a great experience in these 2 sessions with you, I am so happy I came, I am so grateful to you for your help, I cannot put in words how much you helped me. So, dear Kristel, thank you very much, you made me a much happier person!