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Khagaya Yoga® brings transformation through Love. If you ask me, this is how Yoga was always meant to be. At the core of the Khagaya Yoga® Method is a profound sense of Presence, of connection with the Divine within you and in everything and everyone around you.

Khagaya Yoga® is unlike any other Yoga you have ever experienced. It goes well beyond traditional practices and allows your body, mind, heart, and spirit to heal and release any sense of stress by moving into Presence, connecting with the Divine Essence of you, which is Love.

I firmly believe that the strongest attribute any yoga teacher possesses is their Presence, their connection to their Divine Essence.

In The Khagaya Yoga® Method, I choose to focus on key traditional philosophical concepts related to Presence, present moment Life, present moment awareness techniques, mindfulness, and movement practices as they relate to a yoga teacher in modern day Life.

The Khagaya Yoga® Method is very self-healing: By moving in such a way that you massage your body with your movements, the body opens up, releasing built up tension and stress, becoming more flexible and restoring the connection between all body parts. This allows the flow of breath – and with it the flow of life force energy – to flow freely in an energizing and vitalizing way throughout the body, stimulating your self-healing capacity and rejuvenation processes, leaving you feeling healthier, light, spacious, at ease and free.

Khagaya Yoga® invites you to be fully present inside your body, coming home inside yourself, present with all body sensations, sensing the flow of breath throughout your body, expanding and increasing your body awareness, which in itself is key in transformation.

As a Khagaya Yoga® Instructor, you will learn how to do the same with your students, providing an in-depth and complete body, heart, mind and soul experience that will alleviate any body discomfort, soothe emotions, ease the mind and deepen the breath, assisting them in being present, reconnecting with their Divine Essence, which feels like coming home.

The training to become an instructor is done in an exclusive and immersive learning environment, where trainees move into Presence and discover and connect with their own ‘truths’ about yoga, their bodies and their practice through personal development. They build confidence, learn about group dynamics, and find their own voice for sharing their unique talents, abilities and gifts.

To ensure all students fully receive and feel the benefits that come with precise alignment, I will be demonstrating, assisting, and adjusting trainees during their practice and teach them why and how to provide hands-on customized adjustments to their students whether they are beginners, intermediate, or advanced.

Every part of this training will be interactive, live and in person.

Khagaya Yoga® Instructor Training Modules:

Module 1: Transformation Through Love 4-Day Intensive

You will begin your training by participating in a 4 day live intensive where you will experience the Khagaya Method of Life Transformation. This will lay the groundwork for your own personal understanding of how Khagaya works. We will unravel the whole of life and how everything fits together so that you will know how to facilitate change in your own clients by helping them move into Presence and reconnect with their Divine Essence, which is Love.

Module 2: Yoga and the 8-limb path of Patanjali

Patanjali is the author of the Yoga Sutras, verses about the 8 steps needed to attain Self Realization, and the philosophies that guide Yoga as a spiritual practice. At the end of this module you will not only fully understand the body movements that are practiced in Yoga, but how to guide your students through the spiritual practice and BEING of Yoga.

Module 3: The Breath and Pranayama

Thousands of years ago Pranayama was used to disconnect from the body and connect to Spirit, I will teach you how to use these ancient practices to enhance your connection with both your body AND Spirit. This will deepen your Yoga practice and allow you to create deep transformation with your students.

Module 4: Asana, the basic principles

Beyond the basic movements of Yoga, there are principles about how you move within the energy field connecting with the earth and with the space above you, all around you and within you. These principles will allow you to take your Yoga practice to a deeper place, a place of healing and rejuvenation for you as well as your students.

Module 5: Anatomy and physiology

Contrary to typical anatomy and physiology classes that you may learn from a book, you will learn about your body from within. In this module, you will learn how your body loves to move, and how to guide your students through natural movements that facilitate healing, strengthening and balancing the body as a whole.

Module 6: Ayurveda basics

Ayurveda is the science of life and offers a body of wisdom for healing. You will learn how to balance mind, body, emotions, and spirit. This will give you deeper insight into your students and how to activate healing and balance for each individual.

Module 7: A balanced Khagaya Yoga® Class

Now that you have learned all of the pieces, in this module you will learn how to bring everything together into a Khagaya Yoga® Class. Just like the alphabet can create an unlimited number of words, you will know the basic elements and flow for how a Khagaya Yoga® class is structured so that every class you teach can be different, while staying consistent and complete.

Module 8: Teaching Skills

Knowing Yoga is one thing, teaching is a whole other art. In this module, you will learn the impact of your voice and tone, words and how to give clear instructions. You will know how to teach beginners, intermediate, and advanced students, as well as students that may present physical challenges and need modifications to the movements.

Module 9: Chakras

You will become aware of and learn how to balance the ‘wheels of energy’, that correspond to massive nerve centers and major organs in the body that correspond to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of being. This is saved until the end because the chakras are a little bit more abstract, and you will have a deeper understanding having learned everything before. This module will mark the completion of your training, and you will understand the wholeness of your Divine Essence and how it is related to your body, heart, mind, and spirit.

Become a certified Khagaya Yoga® Instructor

The training will begin with your 4-day Transformed Through Love Intensive and continue for two Saturdays a month for the next year for a total of 200 hours. In addition to these hours it is expected that trainees will conduct self-study and practice Khagaya Yoga® between training sessions.

After completing your final exam, both practical and theoretical, you will become a certified Khagaya Yoga® Instructor who can conduct your own Khagaya Yoga® classes, and will be allowed to use the Khagaya Yoga® Logo.

After your certification, you will become a member of the exclusive Khagaya Yoga® Instructor Community where Kristel Khagaya will continue to inspire and support you. As a part of the community you will have a safe space to ask all your questions and uncertainties that you may come across as a new instructor. You may also attend the yearly Khagaya Yoga® Instructor Retreat to connect and deepen your skills as a Khagaya Instructor.

To ensure a private setting with a lot of personal attention and guidance this training is limited to only 10 trainees per year. To apply for one of the limited seats available please fill out the form below and you will be contacted for an interview.

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