In this one breath...



Ik ben mijn wachtwoord vergeten

In this one breath...

Has anyone ever told you to just ‘take a deep breath’?
What if you don’t need to 'take' a breath, and instead just open yourself up and allow the
Breath of Life to flow through you?

The in-breath brings you everything you need in this moment,
The out-breath is an invitation to soften into this moment
Being present with whatever is here.

In this one breath, allow the sun to lighten up your heart

In this one breath, allow the water to wash away everything that is not you, bringing clarity
and cleanliness, allowing you to go with the flow.

In this one breath, allow the earth to warm you and provide solid ground and stability
for you. The earth is right here to nourish and support you if you would only allow yourself to
open up and connect with it more.

In this one breath, allow the colors of Life around you to bring color into your life.

In this one breath, allow the air to refresh and energize you, allow the wind to blow away
any heaviness and inspire the sparkle of new life energy.

In this one breath, allow the clouds to remind you how everything changes all the time, how
nothing remains the same, but Love…

Only Love is Real.
And it is only one breath away…

Live, breathe, be in the ever-present moment of Now.
Live it, breathe it, be it.

And allow yourself to transform through Love.

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