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Transform Your Life Through Love 4-Day Intensive

At this powerful, live, and in-person intensive, Kristel reveals the in-depth principles of transformation that actually work, and teaches you how to apply them in your own life.
You will discover how to set yourself free from all the emotional baggage from your past. You will find new ways to overcome old problems, break free from negative energy, self-criticism, judgement and self-sabotaging patterns, limiting beliefs and protective mechanisms that are no longer serving you.
You will discover the power within you and build a foundation of Love that fulfills your heart and soul. You will awaken an inner knowing that makes you feel whole and complete again, create loving relationships, and helps you handle whatever Life brings you with ease, joy, focus and clarity.

You will join others that are on the same path as you, experiencing the same challenges, and that have similar dreams. Together you will move into Love, Presence, and infinite possibilities.

€ 997,00